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Many thanks to all the good folks who paticipated
The names under the photos may often not be in the order they are pictured.
If you notice any misspelling, please contact me by email
These images are all 640X480 pixels in JPG format.
If you would like a higher resolution image (2272X1704 pixels)
please contact me by email
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Aaron Adams, Tom Clapp, Travis Wilright, Ed Scott, & Mike Cobb (58,147 bytes) Doug Barstow, Mike Bourg, Frank Wills, Beth Taylor, Merill Patin & Leonard Smith (57,425 bytes) Lydia McIntyre, Buford Jordon, Janel Willis,  (51,257 bytes)
Sean Maloney, Jeannie Maloney, Melissa Wiseman, David Broussard & Dawn Ostrom (69,815 bytes) Maggie Gustinis, Ryan Kairdolf, Brenna Gustinis, Debbie Goyette,  (63,069 bytes) Riley Andrews, Bob Andrews, J.T. Curtis & Lance Ellis (60,245 bytes)
Nate Singleton, Kathy Bridges, Chloe Suazo, Claire Eason, Syndy Eason, Olivia Bankston (57,468 bytes) Paul McNeely, Bret Gametson, Paul Waguespack, Bob Brown, Amit Anuja (53,527 bytes) Paul McNeely, Bret  Garretson, Paul Waguespack, Bob Brown, Amit Anuja (59,664 bytes)
Rhonda Green, Martha Smith, Jeffrey Smith, Pat Lofton & Sunpie Barnes (66,910 bytes) Cathi Fontenot, Carol Schwaner, Suzanna Jamison, Rich Jackson, Glenn Steeb (58,293 bytes) Frank, Michael & Mathew Modica & Anthony Reed (55,517 bytes)
Lou Riecke, Billy Dietrich, Dennis Quinn, George Drendel & Steve Baumgartner (48,967 bytes) Don Jennings, Jack Mauer, Terry Rafferty, Torey Fontenot & Steve Barrios (43,639 bytes) Sonny, Kim Chapman, Melissa Whitaker, Jodi Naguin, & Craig Brown (57,650 bytes)
Beau, Trudy & Jennifer Barrett, Danny Scheuman & Antonio Gibson (61,327 bytes) Joseph Wendryhoski, Ron Krajewski, Gene Freese, Ben Golwas, Jack Holmes & un-named (53,834 bytes) Correnthia, Eldridge & Jimmie Lewis, Samantha Lane, Sinae' Boudreaux, Jack & Debra. Holmes (61,390 bytes)
Wendell, Jewel, Justin & Nicholas Baham & Eric Paulsen (63,474 bytes) Katie Morgan, Kyle Nadeau, Camille DiMagio & Warren Bankston (55,400 bytes) Doug Mallonee, Mary Connors, Jane Morgan, Kelly Bauston, Olivia Bankston, Ricky Rivas & Terri Miles (harry Dunston & Harold Boudreaux not pictured) (48,523 bytes)
Wally, Roslyn, Arden & Rowan Whitehurst & Dave Atkins (50,176 bytes) Leonardo Martinez, Rena Smith, Dave Atkins, Sheryl, Matt & Kyle Frught (57,118 bytes) Nancy & Paul Bailey, Nikki Reyes, Gus & Elizabeth
  Harold & Kaye Farley, Irma Thomas, Charette Thomas, James Young, Mary Perrault (66,090 bytes)  
Siren To Wail, Inc.
is dedicated to raising public awareness, education and prevention of the Hepatitis C Virus



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