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Board Of Directors

Timothea  Beckerman
 Executive  Directer

Dr. Robert  Perrillo
Vice President

Gerald Cannon     
Secretary / Treasurer


United States Senator
John Breaux

NFL Players Association

Dr. Rauolt Ratard

Louisiana Music

New Orleans Musicians

WWOZ Radio

Mark Stein, Atty
Tax Accountant

Committee Heads

Benjamim Goliwas

Julie Kershaw

Barbara Gillmor

Ron Krajewski

Chris Ryan

Mission Statement 

"Siren To Wail" Inc., a national non-profit organization formed on August 10,2000 whose mission is to raise awareness, education, and prevention of the Hepatitis C virus (HCV) with initial focus in Louisiana to the public and the medical profession. To assist people affected by the disease offer hepatitis C education and referral services for counseling, free/low cost testing, screening and medical referral services for individuals, public health and employer groups. One or more of every fifty people in the United States are infected with the hepatitis C virus. Often called "The Silent Epidemic", the disease can linger without symptoms for decades while causing serious liver damage. Risk factors that indicate the need for prompt screening include:

  • Blood transfusion or solid organ transplant before 1992

  • Treatments with blood clotting products before 1987

  • Long-term kidney dialysis

  • Shared drug needles; drug straws; body piercing needles; tattoo needles and inks

  • Accidental needlesticks; blood contact with the eyes, nose, mouth or broken skin

  • Unprotected sex with multiple partners

  • Elevated liver blood tests
Siren To Wail, Inc.
is dedicated to raising public awareness, education and prevention of the Hepatitis C Virus



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