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"Siren To Wail" To Host
2nd Annual Hepatitis C Awareness Benefit Concert

The Second Annual Hepatitis C Benefit Concert was a great success!
We would like to express our great appreciation to all of you who attended
and/or volunteered your time, donations and money to help us reach our goal.
Pictures from the Benefit Concert

"THE HOWLIN WOLF" NewOrleansRadio.Com

Friday November 30th, 2001
Howlin' Wolf 828 S. Peters St. New Orleans
8:00 p.m. until ?? - Music, Catered Buffet & Silent Auction

'Thousands Will Be Diagnosed Due To National Emergency and Blood Donations

NEW ORLEANS, LA, NOVEMBER 2001 - The events of September 11, 2001 brought out the worst in humanity as well as the best. Shortly after the tragic and senseless events unfolded, citizens by the thousands began lining up to donate blood. That generosity has not only saved the lives of those sick and injured, it may have saved the lives of some of those who actually gave blood. For many of them, they're finding out they've tested positive to Hepatitis C virus (HCV).

"Siren to Wail" is a national non-profit foundation started by New Orleans singer/songwriter Timothea. The foundation's mission is to, among other things, raise awareness, education, and prevention of HCV, and to assist people affected by the disease by offering hepatitis C awareness, education and medical referral services.

On Friday, November 30, 2001, "Siren to Wail" will host its Second Annual Hepatitis C Benefit Concert at the Howlin' Wolf, 828 S. Peter Street, from 8:00 P.M. - Until. "Rajun Cajun" Doug Kershaw leads an all-star line-up including his brother Pee Wee Kershaw, Ben Keith producer and long time band member for Neil Young, Rockin' Dopsie, Marva Wright, Charmaine Neville, David Torkanowsky, Walter "Wolfman" Washington, Timothea, James Rivers, Eddie Bo, Leslie Smith, Sunpie Barnes, Ravi, Barbara "I Know" George, Bamboula 2000, and Brian Stoltz of the Meters, Chief Smiley Ricks, Veda Love, and many more. Hosted by WWL TV'S Eric Paulsen and Louisiana Music Commissioner Bernie Cyrus. A musical tribute will be performed in memory of Rusty Kershaw who passed on October23rd, 2001

"Last year's event was a huge success and we are hoping to build on that success," says benefit organizer and "Siren to Wail" founder Timothea. She adds, "We are going to need to expand and promote our services now more than ever since so many people are now finding out they are infected. The funds raised by this concert will go directly into our foundation to help people now facing, in what in some cases, may be life and death situations."

Organizers have planned a full evening of events, including a silent auction and support staff who will be available to answer questions and concerns surrounding this often-silent disease. There will be a $20 donation for general admission for this fundraising event and tickets can be obtained at the door or through TicketWeb.Com.

"Hepatitis C quietly sneaks up on you," comments Timothea who adds, "I know people who were exposed 20 or 30 years ago who are just now finding out they have it. What we do with "Siren to Wail" and this benefit concert, is get the word out. We want people to know the risks and what you need to do if you feel you are at risk. This disease doesn't have to kill you, but you need to educate yourself and that will be the backdrop of this event. It will be fun and uplifting, but it will carry a serious, underlying message."

United States Senator John Breaux states,
"I hope that Louisiana citizens will join me in supporting Siren To Wail's efforts to increase public awareness of this serious and potentially devastating disease."

Governor Foster has proclaimed the week of November 24th
Hepatitis C Awareness Week in Louisiana

To donate or get more media information on "Siren to Wail" and the Second Annual Hepatitis C Awareness Benefit Concert, please call Timothea at 504-891-4164 or go to www.SirenToWail.Org

."Siren To Wail" Inc., a national non-profit organization formed on August 10, 2000 whose mission is to raise awareness, education, and prevention of the Hepatitis C virus (HCV) with initial focus in Louisiana to the public and the medical profession. To assist people affected by the disease offer hepatitis C education and referral services for counseling, free/low cost testing, screening and medical referral services for individuals, public health and employer groups. One or more of every fifty people in the United States are infected with the hepatitis C virus. Often called "The Silent Epidemic", the disease can linger without symptoms for decades while causing serious liver damage. Risk factors that indicate the need for prompt screening include: blood transfusion or solid organ transplant before 1992; shared drug needles; drug straws; body piercing needles; tattoo needles and inks; nail files and clippers; treatments with blood clotting products before 1987; long-term kidney dialysis; accidental needlesticks; blood contact with the eyes, nose, mouth or broken skin; sharing toothbrushes; unprotected sex with multiple partners, and elevated liver blood tests.

Sponsors/Donations Needed

Can your business donate goods or services -OR - sponsor the cost of promotional items, printing, T-Shirts, TV, Radio or ads to support and promote the "Siren To Wail" Hepatitis C Benefit Concert? (Please download, print & complete this form)

Siren To Wail, Inc.
is dedicated to raising public awareness, education and prevention of the Hepatitis C Virus

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