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A message to those who have been diagnosed with Hepatitis C

If you have recently been diagnosed with Hepatitis C do not panic. Here are a few basic things you can do to become more educated about the the situation you are facing.

1. Educate yourself on the disease. I do know that Barnes and Noble and Borders do carry a good selection of books on Hepatitis C that I do believe will be helpful to you. Another way to educate yourself is through the Internet. There are some wonderful web-sites with up to date information on Hepatitis C. Most importantly, you want to educate yourself for better understanding on which treatment option is best for you.

2. It is also important to find a good doctor. By this I mean, a doctor that is knowledgeable about your disease. A doctor that has answers to most of your questions. You also want a doctor who is compassionate.

3. Where to find emotional support? Seek out support groups. Ask your doctor if he knows of one, contact local hospitals, and look in your newspaper under self-help groups. It is so important to be around people who have Hepatitis C. You will probably leave your first support group meeting feeling very free and at ease. You will see people at support groups who are just like you. There are some that are at different emotional stages of the disease. You will meet people who cry. You will meet people who laugh. People who live. People who have accepted how their life has changed. Yes it is possible to live with Hepatitis C, create joy, happiness, and especially have fun. All of this is possible. Please share your Hepatitis C story with another Hepatitis C sufferer.

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is dedicated to raising public awareness, education and prevention of the Hepatitis C Virus

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