Timothea - The New Orleans Siren - singer, songwriter, producer
Timothea - The New Orleans Siren - singer, songwriter, producer

Real Blues Magazine, Canada


October / November 1998

I can thank Walter "Wolfman" Washington for introducing me to the dynamic woman known as Timothea. Booked in Kitchener Legion in 1986,"Wolfman" introduced the audience to a "special treat" he'd brought with him from New Orleans and then for the next 45 minutes the 200 or so audience members were treated to a performance that we never forgot. It was like witnessing / experiencing Etta James / Tina Turner in their prime, although I must say Timothea sounds only like Timothea and I use other's names only to refer to the level of talent displayed.

Who is Timothea? She is the undiscovered Queen of New Orleans R&B / Soul and I don't even like to confine her to that great center of wonderful music as Timothea is, in my opinion, one of the greatest talents in American music today, although sadly unrecognized as such. This woman has everything and more to be a true superset of American music and whoever has the smarts and money enough to get behind her will be immensely rewarded creatively and financially. I've seen and heard very few talents of the caliber of Timothea. What a magnificent voice! So expressive and so immediately recognizable. And if that wasn't enough, she writes incredible material that is so memorable and deep that you'll find yourself playing her tunes over and over again because it gives you something that few tunes do these days.

She writes and sings about life with a perspective that is so sharp and positive that you just know that this woman has a deep spiritual foundation, for example, her "Tame The Darkside". That's a hit that should have been Ditto with "Pretty Is As Pretty Does" and "School of Hard Knocks" both songs that came from some dues-paying, pain transferred into art. The Line "I'd sit and wonder why I was ever born" connects with ones heart like a bolt of lightning. And as great as her vocal talents and lyrics are, they are just two-thirds of what makes this disc so extraordinary, the other piece of the picture are the tremendous performances from the all-star cast of New Orleans finest musicians. With Junkyard Dog Arnold on Drum, Alonzo Johnson, Cornel Williams, and Harold Scott on bass, George Scott, Lenny McDaniels and Kipori "Baby Wolf" Woods on guitar, Lance Ellis, and Jerry Jumonville on Tenor Sax, Corey Henry on Trombone and Tracy Griffin and James Andrews on Trumpet. Bob Andrews on Hammond B3 and Mark Adams on Piano, just to mention a few of the players involved.

You know that the musicians community, of New Orleans believes in Timothea's talents and everyone is hoping that she'll be discovered big time and rewarded accordingly. Timothea was a child star in New Orleans by the time she was 12 years old under the name Timi Little. Working with established adult stars Ernie K-Doe, Jean Knight, Aaron Neville, and Tommy Ridgly, she grew up early and fast. She had her first 45 out, two marriages and two sons all before she was 18. Her most memorable accomplishment so far to the world at large came outside of music when she played Julie in the classic film "Down By Law". If you want to experience true artistry and talent of a genius level, check out Timothea. You'll be an immediate and rapid fan for life. 6 bottles for a perfect masterpiece!

Andy Grigg

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