Timothea - The New Orleans Siren - singer, songwriter, producer
Timothea - The New Orleans Siren - singer, songwriter, producer

Timothea - The New Orleans Siren - singer, songwriter, producer

Track List

1.  New Orleans Baby 3:51
    (Timothea,Walter Washington & Kipori Woods)

2.  It Hurts To Love Someone 5:00
     (Guitar Slim)

3.   Last Chance Baby 3:36

4.   No Nonsense 3:55
      (Timothea & Walter Washington)

5.  Love and Happiness 4:40
      (Al Green and M. Hodges)

6.  Some People Was Born 3:09
     (Earl King)

7.  Been There, Done That! 4:20

8.  I'm Still Knocked Out Over You 3:50

9.   Hooray For Mardi Gras 2:47 (MP3)

10. Season Of The Witch 5;46

11.  The Presence Of The Lord 4:16
       (Eric Clapton)

All songs written by Timothea except where noted


Lead Vocals: Timothea

Background Vocals: Les Getrix, Taynia Jarvis," Sister" Mary Bonnet, & Sur'Enough

Lead Guitar:
Walter "Wolfman" Washington on cuts 1,4,5,8 & 10
Paul "Lil' Buck" Senagal on cuts 2,3 & 7.
George Scot on cuts 6 and 11

Rhythm Guitar:
Walter "Wolfman" Washington on cuts 1,2,3,4,5,7,8 & 10
George Scot on cuts 6 & 11
Kipori "BabyWolf" Woods on cut 9

Wilbert "JYD" Arnold on cuts, 1,6,7,8,9 & 10
Russell Batiste on cuts, 2,3,4,5 & 11

Beats Produced by: Jessie Baumler on cut 5

Bass: Alonzo Johnson

Hammond B-3 Organ and Piano:
Bob Andrews on cuts,5,6,7,8,10 & 11
Marc Adams on cuts 2, 3 & 4

Percussion: Henry "Love" Vaughn

Tenor Sax: Lance Ellis

Trumpet: Tracy Griffin

Trumbone: Mark Mullins

Horn Arrangements by: Tracy Griffin and Timothea

Accordian: Anthony Doopsie

Washboard: David Doopsie

Produced by:
Timothea, Walter Washington, Alonzo Johnson & Mark Hewett for Blue Soul Entertainment L.L.C

Recorded in New Orleans
Sound Service Studio's, Noise Lab, & American Sector Studio

Rhythm Tracks Engineerd by:
Kent Birkle

Mixing and Overdubs Engineered by:
Marc Hewett of Sound Service Studio's

Mastering by:
Elkrib Productions

Liner Notes by:
Jerry Brock of "Louisiana Music Factory"

Art Work & Graphic's by:
Bill Davis

Art Work Assistant:
Lyn Boudousquie'

No Nonsense
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No Nonsense
$20.00 S&H included International Orders

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