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Timothea Beckerman

02/17/51 - 11/14/06

Timothea Beckerman, known to her friends as Timi, passed away 11/14/06 from complications due to Hepatitis - C. Active in the New Orleans music scene for many years, Timothea's ashes will be returned to the city she loved so much. A memorial service is being planned for the near future. Please check back here for date, time and location. We've turned the guestbook on until the spammers start again. Please feel free to leave a comment.

Timothea, A New Orleans home grown legend.
Singer, Songwriter, Producer and a great entertainer
filled with lots of high energy.

"Timothea brings to mind Etta James and Tina Turner in their prime, but Timothea sounds only like Timothea. I use others names only to refer to the level of talent displayed. And if that wasn't enough she writes incredible material that is so memorable and deep that you'll find yourself playing the tunes over and over again because it gives you something that few tunes do these days".
Andy Grigg - Real Blues Magazine

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Time For A Change

On April 19, 2004 Timothea was presented with the 2004 Big Easy Award for best female performer - Click here for pics!

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I'm Still Standing

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